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The healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry is as divergent as the entity and organisations performing within it, so much so that everyone deserves to be recognised for their everyday excellence.

From the firms and organisations developing new and innovative ideas to save lives and change the way healthcare is delivered, to the stalwarts working behind the scenes to deliver remarkable care day after day, we are keen to turn the spotlight on everyone working to support the healthcare systems around the world.

We at GHP Magazine are striving to showcase the talent and dedication which is apparent in this vast, tough industry. The 2017 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Awards seek to chronical the individuals, departments and organisations, both corporate and public, that are working relentlessly throughout the industry.

For the second year, GHP Magazine aim showcase the people behind the success stories. This involves a rigorous research process which uses a combination of online voting information, together with supporting evidence and the expertise of our in-house research team and judging panel. As such, please find the voting form below if you wish to make a nomination, and please feel free to spread the word about the awards and help us to highlight the leading lights in this industry.

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