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Now in its second year, the prestigious International Life Sciences Awards 2017 endeavour to reward and recognise the shining stars in the life sciences sector, whether it be one of the big players leading the pack, to smaller niche enterprises whose innovations have also made their mark upon the industry.

We aim to focus on a myriad of disciplines that fall under the ‘life sciences’ umbrella, whether it be ground-breaking research in medicine, or discoveries in biology that transform the way in which we live our lives (a full list of the categories being considered can be found in the voting form below).

Of course, work in this field is a reward in itself, but GHP are honoured to celebrate the truly magnificent work being done behind the scenes, and get a glimpse into those who have done some truly outstanding work in the life sciences sphere.

In order to ensure that we reward those who have truly thrived, these awards involve a rigorous research process which is a combination of our online voting form as well as our in-house research team. As such, please find the voting form below if you wish to make a nomination, and please feel free to spread the word about the awards and help us to highlight the leading lights in this industry.

2017 International Life Sciences Awards - Voting Form

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